Modular Greenhouses (MG) Install Terms: 

​Buy ordering a greenhouse and submitting an order with a downpayment, you agree to and understand the terms below:

  • Site Prep: MG is not responsible for sitework prior to install.  Any necessary sitework will incur an additional fee of $65/ per man hour for grading, leveling, or removal of other obstacles.


  • Anchoring: MG is not responsible for obstacles that lie beneath the surface of the ground.  Although it is rare, major obstacles to anchoring will incur a fee of $65 per man hour.


  • Hook-ups: MG can install the cooling/heating accessories into the greenhouse, but is not responsible for water hook up, electrical, and/or gas connections to the accessories.


  • Accessories:  MG is not responsible for future maintenance on any of the accessories that Modular Greenhouses does not manufacture.  This includes:  swamp coolers, solar fans, electric fans, heaters, thermostats, pop-vent hardware and plunger, shutter vents etc.  MG can supply replacement parts at cost, or you must contact the vendor directly if maintenance/warranty is needed.


  • Layout: MG will install the greenhouse, beds/shelves, and accessories based on the latest emailed invoice and layout. Any changes made before or after installation will incur an additional fee of $65.00 per man hour and $150 for an additional trip/visit.


  • Bed & Shelf Heights: MG installers place the beds and shelves at a standard height.  If you want to customize the heights/placement of beds or shelves, you must inform the install crew prior to install. Any changes to bed and shelf placement after installation will incur an extra fee of $65.00 per man hour.


  • Final Payment: Final payment is due at the time of install. If paying by check, give the foreman after installation is complete. If paying by card, payment is due the day of installation.

*Revised 4/20/22