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Become a Dealer Today

Be the First Dealer in your area!

Level 1:

- Affiliate/Discount Code
- Offer a 5% discount to your mailing list & receive a 5% Commission on al sales!!
- No in house Demo  
​- Make additional income from installation and plant sales

Level 2:

Sales Partner
- 10% discount from MSRP
- Get 1 - 8' x 12' demo greenhouses w/ fans, shutters, beds, & shelving options
- Receive an online discount/sales code for your customers to share.
- Place orders through website as they come in from customers
- Make additional income from installation and plant sales

Level 3:

- 15% discount from MSRP
​- Free Shipping
- Order 2 demo greenhouses w/ fans shutters, Beds & Shelving options (below wholesale)
- Order a minimum of 3 8'x12' complete greenhouses per order
​- Donate 1 greenhouse to a local charitable organization and take part in our PR Package and Intensive Launch Campaign*
- Place orders through website
- Make additional income from secondary sales: installation, planters, seeds, plant sales, etc...

*PR Package and Intensive Launch Campaign
When you choose from Level 2, 3, or 4 you also take part in our PR Package and Intensive Launch Campaign.

PR Package:
Our mission at Modular Greenhouses is to provide garden programs to every primary and secondary school in America.  We feel it is very important to educate our youth on how to grow their own food and become self reliant.  When you purchase your 2 demo models, one is for display at your location, the other is to be donated to a school, club, or non-profit organization in your local community.  We will work with you to locate the perfect fit and also to get the local news involved to help generate a lot of local "buzz" for your company.

See example from a Reno, NV campaign here:

Intensive Launch Campaign:
​Once you have your donated greenhouse in place we will help you coordinate you launch date and open house.  This will be a coordinated effort  between you and us to help generate a massive amount of visitors to your open house that will introduce your new greenhouse line to your customers and the community.

We recommend sending out email introductions and invitations to everyone on your existing customer list.  Along with any local marketing you can generate through news stations, newspapers, magazines, non-profits, horticulture groups, etc.  You will coordinate the open house with the PR from the donated greenhouse.

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